miércoles, septiembre 9

You make me cry, you make me laugh, you rock my world, you make me fall in love with you, you love my eyes, lips, hair and smile, you make the love to me, you kiss me and hug me in a perfectly way, you listen me, you help me, you are by my side in the correct moments, you turn me on, you give me peace, you advice me, you touch my body, soul and heart.

I love you, I make you laugh, I'm falling in love with you, I love your smile, your eyes, your hair and your arms, I make the love to you, I kiss you and hug you all the time that I want, I listen and help you, I'm and I'll always by your side everytime you need, I desire you, I turn you on, I give you my madness, I touch your back.

We love each other, we feel, we laugh, we fuck, we go out, we are in love, we are horny, we are together, we miss, we need.

We are perfect for each other...
(or maybe we are both crazy)

Sophie S.